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How To Make Money Listening To Music On Spotify

Do you know that you can make money while listening to your favorite music on Spotify? If no, you have landed on the right article, we will put you through shortly, stay tuned!

Meanwhile, if you are just hearing about Spotify for the first time. It is a digital music, … Read more

6 High Paying Digital Skill In Demand Right Now

Digital revolution has been on the rise recently which is gradually leading to a new word order, hence it is pertinent for all and sundry to adjust and get digital skill(s) because it is needed in all spheres of life. In fact, in both public and private sectors digital skills … Read more

Hoya Sunrise Plant Care


Hoya Sunrise, a member of the Hoya carnosa family, can become easily confused with another Hoya that has the same common name, but belongs to a different plant family and has completely different care requirements.

Every hoya plant needs some sunshine to stay healthy and vibrant. Hoya sunrise has Read more

Graptosedum Bronze

The Graptosedum bronze, also known as ×Graptosedum ‘Alpenglow’ or ×Graptosedum ‘Vera Higgins’ succulent, is a beautiful, easy-to-grow houseplant that deserves to be in every succulent lover’s collection.

They’re fairly low maintenance, don’t grow too tall, and always look great, making them the perfect indoor plant to brighten up your … Read more

Graptosedum Alpenglow Succulent (The Pink Suculent)

Graptosedum alpenglow succulent, also known as Graptosedum Vera Higgins or Graptosedum bronze, is an attractive perennial plant that has numerous uses, such as an ornamental plant in landscaping, as well as a houseplant, and even can be used in cooking.

This member of the Portulacaceae family is fairly easy … Read more